ISSA Information

The Idaho State Snowmobile Association is an organization dedicated to preserving,protecting, and promoting snowmobiling in the great state of Idaho. Members may come from every corner of the state, but they all share one thing in common: their love for snowmobiling.


What does the Idaho State Snowmobiling Association do for you?

  • Works tirelessly to keep the gates open and to keep public lands available for your use.
  • Provides a strong voice for you with members of the Idaho Legislature, the U.S. Congress, and federal land managers.
  • Keeps you informed and makes it easy for you to participate in all planning processes that impact your opportunities to ride.
  • Enhances your enjoyment of our sport by promoting the development and maintenance of trails and other facilities that enhance your enjoyment of our sport.
  • Keeps you up-to-date on hot issues, events, and legislative matters with our electronic newspaper, Snow Biz, and by sending you “Public Land” alerts so you’ll never be the last to know.

Why join the Idaho State Snowmobiling Association?

Let’s face it, there is probably something better you could do with $20 than join another organization. You could buy a couple gallons of gas, buy a drink and a bag of popcorn at a movie or simply save it for that proverbial rainy day. You could do all of those things or none of them – it is your choice.

However, if you value your opportunity to ride on public lands and you want to protect that opportunity for yourself, your family and friends, and for future generations, you might want to consider where that $20 would be put to the best use.

The Idaho State Snowmobile Association (ISSA) has been working tirelessly for years with land managers, politicians and other user groups to ensure that you get to ride where and when you want. We have not always been successful, but we have had more successes than failures and you have benefited. Had there been no one out there fighting for your rights, where do you think you would be riding today?

ISSA has been on the front line in every forest in Idaho. We work with local riders and experts to prepare substantive comments and when necessary, we file appeals/objections on behalf of the local snowmobilers. When the issue is of such great importance, we even participate in the legal process.

If snowmobilers don’t care enough to make the case for their sport, who will? This is your fight whether you like it or not. Doesn’t it make sense to join with others who are taking their time to protect your riding opportunities? An ISSA Membership is $20.