Grooming in the McCall area is performed by employees of Valley County – a BIG THANK YOU TO THEM! There are 5 groomers in the county and three of them are based in the McCall area. Funding for the McCall area comes from State stickers, remember to check “43A” when you buy your stickers, grants from the City of McCall and from the local merchants in the form of the Adopt-a-Trail program.

Local merchants recognize the need for additional funds and they have donated tens of thousands of dollars for the grooming effort. Please support our Adopt-A-Trail businesses to show your appreciation (CLICK HERE to see our Adopt-A-Trail Sponsors). We have 544 miles of groomed trails now in our area.

Volunteers from the local area provide back-up labor for the operators, for plowing parking lots, and for other emergencies as the needs arise. Many hours of labor and personal expenses are donated to the program so we can all enjoy the best snowmobiling in the west.



  • The area on the east side of Brundage Mountain and above the line (old road) between the road to the Summit and Hartley Meadows is out of bounds to sleds.  This is part of the permit area Brundage Ski Hill owns and is off limits to us. It is well marked with signs.  If you get caught there, you will be issued a ticket.  We have thousands of acres of our own to ride in so PLEASE stay out of their areas.